Single Crystal X-ray diffraction Service at DCB: charges



Department of Chemistry of the University of Bern

Swiss Universities and research institutions
(VAT exempted)

(VAT is not included)

external Universities
(VAT exempted)

single crystal diffraction at ambient temperature
(up to 24 hours)


single crystal diffraction at non ambient temperature (90-400 K)
(up to 24 hours)


structure solution and report for publication purposes


crystal screening / Unit cell determination / powder diffraction


Costs are in Swiss Francs

Note for customers of the department of chemistry:
Samples are collected on the second floor North Block corridor. Please inform Dr. Jürg Hauser or PD Dr. Piero Macchi of the submission.
Each sample is first analysed optically. If judged not suitable, it is returned without costs (though please always observe the sample under the microscope before submitting; if it is clearly powder or even not a solid, do not submit it). For selected samples, a pre-experiment is performed to determine the crystal unit cell, the overall quality of the diffraction and the possible twinning.
If the diffraction is good and the crystal is genuinely single, a full data collection is performed and a solution is attempted. In order to provide the best possible quality, by default the data collection is carried out at 173 K, unless there is a clear need to use a different temperature.
A report will be returned, even in case a solution cannot be found (very rare) or the quality of the diffraction does not allow refining a model of sufficient precision and accuracy to meet the standard criteria of publication. In this case, the customer is warmly invited to crystallize a new sample, with some specific recommendation regarding the choice of counter ions, solvent or the kinetics of the crystallization.
The data collection and the corresponding report is charged regardless its reaching publication standards.


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