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Electron Density of Semi-Bridging Carbonyls. Metamorphosis of CO Ligands Observed via Experimental and Theoretical Investigations on [FeCo(CO)8]-.

Fumagalli, A; Malatesta, M.C.; Tentori, A.; Monti,D.; Macchi, P.; Sironi, A. Inorg. Chem., 2002, 41, 76-85.
Synthesis and Structural Characterization of the {[Rh5(CO)14]-(H2N(CH2)4NH2)- [Rh5(CO)14])}2- and [Rh5(CO)13(H2N(CH2)2NH2)]- Anions (as [PPh4]+ Salts): An Unprecedented Example of Carbonyl Substitution by Alkylamines in a Homoleptic Metal Carbonyl Cluster Anion.

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The acentric nature of trans-stilbazole crystals and the origin of its NLO response.

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Structural Aspects of Nucleosides: Protonated and Complexed Adenosines.